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Great Powerpoint - Wading throught the Web
Search Engines
Search engines help users find information. Search engines are huge databases of information about web pages.
A request is entered as keyword/s or phrase/s into a search engine's request form.
A list of results is returned providing brief descriptions of the 'sites' and include the address of the information source.
The more specific the search request, the more relevant are the results returned.
Search Engines recommended for students
Ask kids
Infant Encylopedia
Kid Cyber
Sweet Search
Quintura Kids

Speaking the language of the search engine
In order to get back something useful from the millions of documents available, you need to know the best way of entering search terms.
The main things to remember are:
  • Check your spelling
  • Use quotation marks to indicate a phrase e.g. "somewhere over the rainbow"
  • If you do not want a term to be included in your results use a minus sign '-' e.g. jaguars-automobiles to indicate that you want to search for the animal not the car
  • If you specifically want a term to be included, use a plus sign'+', e.g. soup + carrot to indicate that you want recipes for soup which include carrot
  • if you enter two terms, Google will assume the Boolean operator AND or OR
Practise searching:
Jaguars –car
Mullet -hair
Soup +carrot